• Colour Artiste

    Ellie specialises in coloured stones, tones and mixing shapes

  • Després

    Striking Art deco ring named after the famed Art Deco designer

  • Marry Me package

    Propose with a heart and design the ring together

  • Kandinsky

    Using shape and form, this ring is unusual yet striking

  • Perfection

    It's all in the detail

Thoughts and musings

Consider this...

Consider this...
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I've thought often about designing jewellery in the more affordable sector, I've dallied in creating silver pieces and attempted to do it a few times but never has it felt...

The journey not the destination

The journey not the destination
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It’s a bit of a cliché but it could not be truer to me and my bespoke jewellery - the design journey is simply what drives me because it’s all about...

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