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Narrative Led Design

Ellie takes you on a magical journey, transforming the essence of you, in to works of art in precious metals and the finest gemstones.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for inspiration, bespoke is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative process and emerge with a once-in-a-lifetime piece. For Ellie, great design is not only about how a piece looks but ensuring it’s built to last, and bespoke design takes that ethos one step further by tailoring the process entirely to you. Working with your brief and budget, Ellie will guide you through ideas generation, share hand-drawn and digital designs and help you choose a final piece you’ll cherish forever.

Whats special about Ellie's collection pieces?

When you buy a piece from Ellie’s collection, you’re investing in quality. Jewellery sold on the high street or mass-produced by online retailers might cost a little less, but too often that’s down to poor design, cheap materials and corners cut in the manufacturing process.

Each of Ellie’s collection pieces has been lovingly designed to stand the test of time and is handcrafted to order using metal and gems chosen by Ellie herself, which means you never have to worry about the metal wearing down or a stone coming loose. You’ll receive insurance certificates with your piece, and Ellie can even advise on the best way to clean your new jewels.

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Why not embrace a bit of colour?

Learn more about coloured gemstones

Ellie was fantastic to work with

We had hoped for a unique and personal ring for our engagement and nothing in the jewellery shops seemed to be just right. The whole process from narrowing down designs to choosing specific stones made for a hugely memorable experience and resulted in an amazing engagement ring just for us.

Marc and Laura, Beckenham

Highly recommend!

Ellie is a fantastically talented professional and an all-round lovely person. I highly recommend her bespoke jewellery design service when searching for an engagement ring. She made the process easy and enjoyable!

Tom, London

Couldn't have been more lucky!

I was on the hunt for an engagement ring and I really struggled to find anything that I liked. I then was introduced to Ellie and I couldn't have been more lucky! Ellie and I spent a few sessions together going over various designs and she came up with the perfect ring.

James, London

My favourite piece of jewellery

My sister and I had a ring designed by Ellie and it's my favourite piece of jewellery I've ever owned... just waiting to get engaged so she can design that ring too

Harriet, Bristol

An incredible experience!

If you want special, do not look anywhere else! Thank you Ellie!

Huw and Jo, Tunbridge Wells