There is no such thing as perfect

When it comes to the art of buying a diamond engagement ring, I don't make a very good saleswoman because I don't believe in the sales chatter around diamonds. My theory is that you 'don't wear a certificate..!' Believe me when I say this I do understand the importance of knowing the provenance and quality of your diamond but what I fail to understand is the emphasis people put on it. I certainly don't advocate bad quality diamonds or blood diamonds but in every piece I work on sending out a good quality diamond is just standard procedure.

I often ask my clients to look at the stones I have found them, usually based on their budget and then ask them to choose their favourite ones based on the look of them, without any idea which of them is the more expensive one. More often than not I find they pick the lowest price of the selection. I have no idea why but I think it has something to do with the character in the stone. Because diamonds are rarely flawless, neither are we, it just means we have to find the balance out the right flaws for us. 



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