Consider this...

I've thought often about designing jewellery in the more affordable sector, I've dallied in creating silver pieces and attempted to do it a few times but never has it felt right for me. I'm not saying I won't ever do it but I haven't found my sweet spot with it like I have with my bespoke and fine pieces.

One of the beautiful things about fine jewellery is it that it is built to last - to be worn and kept forever. It isn't about the latest trends or finding something that looks great for a year or so but something timeless, you will always own. In this modern world of consumerism; one of accumulation and always having the best and most up to date gadgets I want to remind people of what that means in a world that is increasingly beginning to suffer because of this desire to have all the time.The cost associated with high value goods makes them more valuable and a more considered purchase by their very nature. Consider taking that attitude in to everything else that you purchase - from a £5 top to the £500 phone. Why do you want it? Do you really need it? Make better choices about things - don't buy for the sake of it. Think like you do when you buy an expensive piece of jewellery, treasure and look after everything you own.

 Future you and the world will thank you for it :-)

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