The sapphire rainbow

I love a beautiful gemstone but I’m hugely passionate about using the right stones in the right pieces as a lot of these colourful stones are not suitable for something like a ring which can be heartbreaking when you fall in love with a really pretty one! Believe me I have an emerald I bought recently that I know is an awkward cut and a nightmare to set but I was determined to find a way to make it work as I just love it! Anyway back to the subject of choosing gemstones for fine jewellery. As most of the pieces I work on are rings I have to do my research and make sure I choose a stone that can handle being worn everyday, that won’t crack, chip or scratch. For this reason I use sapphires as they are such a versatile stone and come in almost every colour under the sun but in the words of Michael Caine ‘not a lot of people know that’.

Padparadascha sapphire Sapphires are known for being blue and that is the most popular colour, especially that most royal of blue sapphires. However a blue colour that doesn’t get as much attention is the beautiful cornflower blue, which is a pale colour and can be absolutely mesmerising – I think its the new blue personally. Some of my other favourite sapphire colours are oranges and pinks and in particular a sapphire called the padparadascha which is a beautiful pinky orange. This pretty stone has been in the headlines recently because it's the colour of Princess Beatrice engagement ring, a very pretty one but quite pale. I particularly love the deep coloured padparadaschas like the one pictured. 



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