What to look out for

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it’s beautifully made jewellery. I definitely don’t like badly made jewellery, I don’t need to name names as I hope you can imagine the kind of thing I am talking about. One of the reasons I find it so frustrating is because these pieces are sold under a false illusion. The stones are cheap, bought in bulk and often you don’t even get told what clarity the diamonds are. The pieces again are made in bulk, made in single components and pre set (when a mould is made with the settings already cut in) and don’t get me wrong this isn’t always a bad thing but it depends how well made those settings are and it doesn’t always work for all designs and styles or sizes of stones. What then really winds me up is they hike the retail price up extortionately high and pretend to slash it so you think you are getting a really great deal. I am sorry to break it you but you aren’t. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been shown a piece of jewellery that someone is having problems with and I take one look at it and can see its been madly made and that even if the stones are currently in tack, they soon won’t be. So when looking for an expensive piece of jewellery be wary, and ask questions about the little things you may not have thought about.

The image captioned on this post is an example of one of my pieces I had made with a UK manufacturer a few years a go and it was about the most appalling piece of work I have ever seen, needless to say I did not continue our relationship. Not one thing was made well - there was a gap between the basket as pictured, the centre stone was set wonky, the small stones didn't fit and they had shaved the rose gold away to inch of it's life so watch out for these little things, look under a piece and don't worry you will never see this craftmanship on one of our pieces.

If you want some advice on a pieces of jewellery you have, perhaps you are worried about a stone falling out then take it your local jeweller who will be able to help. Or please email me pictures to commission@elliestickland.com and we will be happy to take a look and advise you what you can do.

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