The journey not the destination

It’s a bit of a cliché but it could not be truer to me and my bespoke jewellery - the design journey is simply what drives me because it’s all about the process. The relationship I build with my clients throughout the process is what allows me to understand them, their journey and personality and to then translate it in to a piece unique to them.

In recent years I’ve come to realise it’s almost the most important part of bespoke – the jewellery at the end is always a delight to finish and deliver to a client but it’s the process which I find so much fun and I think my clients do as well! They become friends for that period of time, and I remember every single one of them. They are all part of my own creative business journey and every one of them is different. Most of them taught me something too, whether about myself, about business, gave me a new business idea or even how to manage my next client. I first designed a bespoke piece maybe 10years a go and I can’t get over how much I have grown and changed in that time.

My clients wear their jewellery with pride and delight not only because of its beauty but because of the memories from the process we went through together. Memories of a happy time and that memory is priceless because its theirs and theirs alone.

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