Making changes

When I first started out as a self-employed designer, I had quit an admin job in the finance industry, and I was rubbish at it – too much of a dreamer. I travelled India for a few months and then just started without having a clue what I wanted to do or what I was about. I always had a strong vision of the creative work I wanted to do but at the time I didn't have the skills, creative capacity or the finances to create that work so I started creating bespoke work in collaboration with my wonderful clients - creating beautiful pieces that reflected my clients and who they were. Over the years I found this to be my purpose and my identity - bespoke was what made me unique and what I loved to do the most. I tried to take everything I had learned from my clients to create a brand that encompassed these client led ideas whilst allowing me to create my own work that was more creative, more art led but it never worked - it served to confuse me even more. Throughout the course of this time my mental health suffered massively, I learnt how hard running a business was the hard way and it took me a few years to recover from the financial hole I got myself in. I nearly gave it all up many times, and at times I'll be honest I haven't enjoyed what I do at all.

Over the past couple of years, I have I fallen in love with my work again and most recently I've been so lucky to be able to have the time to reflect what I want from it. I've picked up some bad habits over the years so the past few months I've been trying to lay out what the present and future looks like for me and clearing out a lot of things that no longer serve me which includes trying to be all things to all people, there is an art in saying no sometimes and it’s taken me a very long time to learn to use it. To start with I will forever and always be first and foremost an Artist of the Jewellery kind, I'm a very talented designer but my true love is in the Art of the concept and the process. In fact that’s the true essence of my work and where I will be focusing my efforts from now on - the true beauty in my work is not the final piece but the journey we go on to get to that point so it’s there that I’m deepening my work. I’m going to be creating bodies of work that will be autobiographical and confessional in my flaws, experiences, pains, and sins. The pieces I’m working on are the most true and reflective of me that I’ve ever created and they’re not going to be just jewellery but paintings and sculptures too.

What this means for my clients – I’ll still be taking orders for my collection pieces and the Gem box which I’ll still be launching in the new year, I’ll still take on bespoke commissions but there will be a wait list and I won’t accept every enquiry. Bespoke jewellery for me isn’t just about a diamond or recreating a ring you've seen before, it’s about the DNA of the piece, and that DNA is built from you and your individual story whatever that might be. More information will come on this in the New year. I hope by sharing more of my own work, the picture will become clearer but for now just enjoy seeing what I unfurl…. If you’ve read this far – I thank you! Until next year, happy Christmas and best wishes to you all for the new year!

All my love,


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