The Art of Good Design

Design is something anyone can do, we can all simply sketch something that resembles a design. Draw something which looks like a piece of jewellery or whatever it is we may be designing, but there is an art to making sure the design is good.

There are many factors to consider, ultimately it needs to be able to be made, no point in designing something that looks great on paper if it can't actually be made!

  1. It needs to be balanced, even if isn't symmetrical you can still balance an unsymmetrical design to appear symmetrical. See the drawings below - they are a good example
  2. Needs to be able to be made - can it physically be put together like it has been drawn. Make sure the design looks on paper like it will in real life
  3. Wearable - it may look pretty but is it comfortable, does it sit well on the body?
  4. Details - details are so important! It's what will make or break a design. It's the little things you may not think about but impact how it looks and how it will be made such as the stone settings, the sizes used and the tones of colour.

When working with a designer, it's important they understand these things in order to get a design that stands the test of time. Design is more important than you will ever know. Having that design made well is the next challenge but that's for another blog post.

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