When Two become One

You might think this is a post about The Spice girls, or perhaps about a breakup but it's actually about me becoming myself again. I'm waving goodbye to the brand Eladore, which to be honest has confused me for a long time and I'm sure has confused everyone familiar with me and my work.

When I first decided to separate my business in to two different entities, I had a clear vision for Eladore to be a more commercial brand, I called it the Whistles of Jewellery, a high end high street brand. My personal work was supposed to be higher end, more creative and embracing my new love of enamel painting.  However for one reason and another it never worked out like that, I wanted to maintain the high-end craftmanship and attention to detail without compromise in Eladore, I wanted to keep all my pieces hand made here in the UK and to do what I first set out to do would have mean't sacrificing that. It also got more creative because when I tried to water it down and make it more commercial it became something I didn't like, something boring which lost the soul of what makes my work sell. Hence the confusion followed.

I've also changed a lot personally in that time, my priorities have changed and I'm a lot happier in myself and my creative ambitions, so over time I found myself being confused about what should go where, what was less creative or more creative and what should go under what banner. I've been aware of this confusion and need to shift things for a long while but I've not been able to come to terms with how I should change it. In a bolt of lightening yesterday I suddenly realised that Eladore has served it's purpose and is no longer serving me for what I first set out for it to be so nows the time to wave goodbye to it for good and I now just want to get back to being me again.

Like I said it's been a long time coming, but it's already nearly done! A few shifts to the domain name and I have a few jewellery boxes left over, I'll probably need to do a refresh of the brand and pieces but all the projects I've been working on are still in the pipeline so watch this space, my work is only going to keep getting better.

If you have any questions about the change, or about my work please don't hesitate to get in touch.

All my love, Elliexx


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