Fine jewellery. Designed by Ellie. Inspired by you.

Ellie Stickland specialises in one of a kind jewellery, works of art and treasured pieces to hold on to forever. Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for inspiration, bespoke is wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative process and emerge with a once-in-a-lifetime piece. For Ellie, great design is not only about how a piece looks but ensuring it’s built to last, and bespoke design takes that ethos one step further by tailoring the process entirely to you. Working with your brief and budget, Ellie will guide you through ideas generation, share hand-drawn and digital designs and help you choose a final piece you’ll cherish forever.


My bespoke process takes that to the next level, it puts you centre stage of your own story. Open yourself up to me and what you will experience is  a fun and enjoyable process, where I learn about you and the person I'm designing for, I pick up on all of your intricacies to create a piece of jewellery that represents something you can’t describe in words.

1. Research and getting to know client
This for me starts with the early things you tell me, each project and commission is different. Understanding the type of project whether its a surprise or working directly with the person - engagement, anniversary or perhaps birthday. Weaving my sensitivity to that with the type of design I will create, how simple, bold, unique or classic to go is formed in my mind at this stage.

2. Design process and feeling your way through it
The design process is a journey and it varies with each client as to how long this might take, for some we breeze through it and the design forms quickly and others it’s a longer more in-depth process. For you choosing it, its enjoyable and fun and the feedback is what guides us both through.

3. Selecting stones and finalising design
Attention to detail is so important in my work, every single detail is thought about from each stone size to the tone of colour of every stone to the metal and how it fits and wears. In the design process I set up everything for my craftspeople and show you a design that represents how it will look when its finished.

4. Making process and radio silence
I have over the years found the perfect people to make my work and they’re not only super talented but lovely people too. Their talent brings my designs to life.

5. Delivery and making faces light up
I love to hand deliver my bespoke pieces, it’s a really important part of our journey, as its not just about creating a product but building a relationship. My packaging is simple, I include insurance documents, designs and a care guide so you know how to look after your jewels.

6. Our Journey is over for us but for you and your ring its just begun

It's been beautifully made, I’ve thought about how it fits, the gold is deep enough to know it will last the ages, stones are set in strong settings and its designed to last for you.