Bespoke is totally unique and entirely for you. It is where Ellie first began and is still the main work we do.

The bespoke process is the most exciting and personal way of choosing a piece of jewellery for someone. It's what I love doing - It revolves entirely around you and who you are. My job is to listen, to interpret and create a ring that is entirely unique to you. If it is an engagement ring then we can often be the only people that know about it so making it enjoyable and being supportive throughout the process is very important. 

It's an awe-inspiring process and entirely unique to each person I work with. Our process can involve a great deal of research and usually delves in to a subject that is important to you. Previous projects I have worked on have varied from a ring inspired by The Great Wall of China – the location where the couple got engaged; a ring with a rugby and netball on them - they look way more beautiful than you would imagine - see our Love Stories; a unique antique inspired ring and super colourful and quirky ring full of zig zags and multi-coloured stones. 

Provide us with as much information about what you are about, your own ideas and concepts gives us a great starting point to begin our research. It is a fully in-depth service and I spend time meticulously designing and creating a ring that is like no other piece you will ever see. Please come with an open mind and we can't wait to work with you!

To commission your own bespoke piece drop us a call on (+44) 07919 278754 or an email on

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