Below are some common questions I get asked and I hope it answers some of yours. Please feel free to message me if you have any other questions though – I’m always happy to help!

1. Why do your pieces cost more than the highstreet?

My pieces are made by hand by the most talented crafts people in Hatton garden. The pieces you find on the highstreet are most likely to be made in bulk, using moulds. The materials and stones themselves are high quality and I don’t scrimp on the size of stones I use or do illusion settings. I’m transparent about the quality of stones I use and only use the best quality.

I only make my pieces in 18kt gold or platinum. One of the easiest ways to explain why this is – a lot of what you pay for with high end pieces is labour, but the labour is the thing you can’t retain so you’re left with the metal and the stones. Therefore its vitally important that they reflect the quality of work that is put in as that’s where your value is. It may cost a little above your average but not only does that mean you get a beautiful piece, you get something built to last that will retain its value more than anything you buy off the highstreet.

2. How well made are your pieces?

Design is why you come to someone like me but its not just design its the quality too, as an expert in my field I take huge pride in the quality production of my pieces. I work with the best crafts people in Hatton garden and they're some of the best in their field. I over see each stage of production and if something isn't right I get it sorted. I allow enough time to produce my pieces plus a little extra to account for anything extra. 

3. Do you carry stock and how quick can you get my jewellery order to me?

I carry a very small selection of ready to wear but the majority of my pieces are made to order and can therefor be made to your specifications. You can choose your own colours and it will be made to your exact size. Each piece will vary in time to make so please do enquire or check out the individual product page to see a more accurate timescale. Please enquire about what ready to wear I have in stock currently.

For collection pieces it varies between 4-8weeks. Bespoke is a more in-depth process and I allow 3months from initial meeting to final piece however this does vary from client to client and based on your own timeline too. Please do let me know if you have a deadline and I will do everything I can to accommodate that date for you.

4. Do you have any stockists?

I only sell directly currently, it means I get to build relationships with the people I work with.

5. Where are your gemstones sourced from?

Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced from various dealers who work in compliance with the Kimberley process so you can rest assured you’re buying an ethical and conflict free stone. You can find out more about the Kimberley process here.

6. Do you provide fair-trade stones?

I’m thrilled to have a few amazing stone suppliers that sell fairtrade stones, mainly sapphires and can tell you where they’re mined. I also have a supplier that offers Canadian diamonds which are one of the only diamonds that are traceable back to the specific mines they're found. They do come at a premium to standard stones which is the main reason they don’t come as standard. Please do enquire if you wish to have a fair trade sapphire or Canadian diamond.

7. Can I choose my own gemstones?

Yes of course! Colour is one of my favourite things to play with and I strive to allow all my customers to choose their own stones and colourways. I will always recommend sapphires or diamonds as they both come in a wide array of colours. Both sapphires and diamonds measure highly on the MOHS scale meaning they will last better.

Other stones are an option, if you have a specific birth stone in mind for example but please do get in touch.

8. What are your qualifications?

I studied a BA (hons) in Jewellery design at Central Saint martins graduating in 2008. I then went on to work in the jewellery industry before setting out on my own. Central Saint martins was a wonderful course and gave us all a great all round experience to the industry, giving me a deep understanding of the making process (I was never that great at it - always burning my fingers in red hot metal because I wanted to touch it!) most of what I know now has been perfected through practice and running my own business. Every day I learn something new about design, production or business - no day is ever the same and its really exciting.

9. Do you have any Awards?

Most of my awards were won at college and after leaving, nowadays I tend to focus on my clients and the work I love rather than entering competitions. I have so many of my own projects and collaborations to work on - more recently I'm writing my first book about the design process.

- Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards - 2011 -Commended ‘Innovative use of coloured gemstones’

- Knots for Violence2011 - Painted Paralympic swimmer Giles Long’s design on to knotted Gun which was on display in Trafalgar Square  

- Cool Diamonds ‘I am not an engagement ring’ - 2007 -Finalist - Design bought and currently for sale on their website www.cooldiamonds.com

- The Worshipful Company of Tin platers alias wire workers - 2006/7 -Second Jewellery Prize - Harold Hobbs Memorial Process Award

- The British Art Medal Society - 2005 - Shortlisted

10. Where do you get inspiration from?

Inspiration is drawn from anywhere and with my bespoke its down to the people I'm working with, they lead my inspiration from their own interests. A lot of my work draws on classic jewellery designs and I reinvent them in my own way, drawing inspiration from nature, art, design and music. Find out more about each of my collections on their individual pages.

11. How discrete you can be?

I’m a very chatty and excitable person, I love what I do and love to talk about it but when it comes to the discretion of my projects you can rely on me to keep private and quiet about our project. You will never see anything on social media until everything is finished and any big surprises are out the way.

12. I’m having issues finding out my partners ring size. Can you help me?

Of course! Finding a ring size without directly measuring the finger comes with its issues but there are things we can to work it out. It will involve a bit of investigative work on your behalf but I can help you with that.

Failing all other options the average women's ring size for an engagement ring finger is 'L'. I also offer a complimentary re-size. Please check out my ring sizing page for more detailed information

13. Do your pieces carry a UK hallmark?

In accordance with UK law, every gold and platinum piece I make carries a traditional UK hallmark, as well as my own makers mark. Mine is EJS, my initials. I'm also registered in London so it is accompanied by the Leopard symbol. To find out more about the hallmark - check this out here.

14. What payment methods do you offer?

For payments under £6,000 I accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as paypal. This can be done either by placing an order on my website or if you get in touch I can send over an invoice with a payment link instead. Payments over £6,000 are required to be made by bank transfer, unless agreed otherwise. However please note that for bespoke pieces I do offer a deposit system.

15. Do you provide an insurance valuation certificate for insurance purposes?
Yes I provide an insurance certificate for all pieces over the value of £700. I also recommend a jewellery insurance company TH March, who will always come back to me to re-make a piece should you ever need to make a claim.

16. How is your jewellery packaged?

I like to keep packaging simple and straight forward, with very little packaging to throw away. All my rings come in a small dark purple leather box. Necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets come in a larger dark purple leather box. I also include a polishing cloth and care card for your piece. 

17. How do you deliver your pieces?

I always like to hand deliver my pieces so if you're based in London then I will strive to do that. All collection pieces unless we have agreed to meet I send via Royal mail special delivery. Bespoke pieces are almost always hand delivered, however this is dependant on your location and will be discussed during our initial conversations.