Find your ring size

Finding out someone ring size without them knowing is one of the trickiest things about a surprise ring but there are ways round it. It isn't always fail safe but we can always re-size if needs be.

Drop me an email and we'll send you a PDF guide to how to measure your ring size.

Here are some of our top tips for measuring your size:-

  1. The stronger hand (usually the right) is often bigger and your fingers can be a whole size smaller on the opposite hand.
  2. When you are hot your fingers will swell and can go up, up to a half size so you need to bare this in mind when deciding what size you are.
  3. Knuckles! So often the knuckle can play a big difference in how your ring fits. If you have big knuckles your ring may be very loose on your finger. You may however have small knuckles and the ring could slide right off; if it isn't a snug enough fit.

Like I said above - we can always re-size a ring so never fear. It is always better for a stone set ring to be too big than too small. A classic and simple wedding ring (not stone set) is better to have it too small. 

Still a bit unsure then drop us an email!