Gemstones are my paint, I love them and I especially love playing with different colours and bringing the right shapes, tones and colours all together. There are gemstones in every colour but not all stones should be used in fine jewellery so I've listed below the gemstones I use and the colours they come in.

I use mainly sapphires and diamonds because they measure the hardest on the MOH's scales. Also something people are always surprised about is that sapphires come in every colour - from green to blue, red to orange and yellow. Even white sapphires. They are the perfect choice for using in an engagement ring.

All my stones are sourced responsibly and something to remember is that all real stones have natural characteristics, formed by nature. These are what give the stone its unique natural beauty. There are things to look out for but ultimately feathers and marks and seeing other colours is what makes a stone perfect.

Certain gems, such as Aquamarines and Emeralds, are softer and more prone to breakage than others, so may not be suitable for a more active lifestyle. However even a diamond will break if hit with the right amount of force at the right angle, so always wear your ring with care.


There is such a beautiful selection of red stones to choose from, some people prefer the pink red of ruby and others the darker red of garnet or perhaps you want a perfect bright tomato red - then for you a red sapphire is your perfect red!

  • Bright Red sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Dark blood red garnet


Orange is one of my most favourite colours as it’s such a bright happy colour, not often a stone that is chosen especially for an engagement ring but there are some delicious orange stones out there such as orange sapphire or my personal favourites mandarin garnet (also known as spessartite) there are also fire opals but those are very soft and definitely not recommended for use in a ring.

  • Orange sapphire
  • Mandarin garnet

Padparadascha sapphire

As we move in to the Pinks I want to show you an example of stones that have more than one colour such as the padparascha sapphire, one of all time favourite stones which is a beautiful pinky orangey stone.


I have a real soft spot for pink, its such a fresh, comforting and loving color, its a colour that makes me feel like I'm being hugged. Pink sapphires are the most popular choice for a pink stone - there is the lighter pale pink or the deeper, dark pink almost like raspberry and  bordering on the edge of ruby. I also love a pink diamond, natural pink diamonds are very expensive and especially for a central stone but I love to use the smaller ones in some of my designs like the Magic ring.

  • Pink sapphire
  • Pink diamonds – both natural pale pinks and the more vibrant bright pink of the colour treated diamonds


My main brand colour is purple and I love it on my boxes and all the luxuriousness of it. Purple stones are either purple sapphires or tanzanites, tanzanites can often look quite blue and they're a lot rarer than sapphires. They are found in only one place in the world.

  • Purple sapphire
  • Tanzanite
  • Colour treated diamonds are a bright purple pink

Colourchange blue/ violet sapphire

Colourchange sapphires are wonderful, in fact a lot of sapphires have different colours in them when they catch the light but a blue/violet sapphire is one of the more classic and striking ones.


Oh blue, one of the most popular stone choices and there are many shades of blue sapphire that most people don't even realise. The most popular sapphire colour is the bright royal blue or dark navy blue but another colour I love is the light cornflower blue that can even be a soft violet colour.

  • Royal blue sapphire
  • Cornflower blue sapphire
  • Ice blue diamonds
  • Aquamarine – have to be a little more careful with these in a ring

Paraiba tourmaline

There isn't a stone more dreamy and more ethereal and reminiscent of dream holidays than this stone, the neon blue to sea green colour is just stunning. The clearer the stone the more costly they are but I tend to love the ones with some inclusions as it reminds me even more of waves on a beach. As a tourmaline they are slightly softer than a sapphire sitting as 7 - 7.5 to sapphires 9 so although you can use them in a stone you do have to be that bit more careful.


I have discovered a real love for green over the recent years most especially since discovering the Australian green sapphires from one of my fairtrade suppliers. From grassy green to moss and olive green sapphires to the most beautiful sea green moving towards the limey green.
  • Green sapphire
  • Tourmalines – have to be a little more careful with these
  • Green diamonds


The happiest and sunniest of all colours and yellow stones are no different. Yellow sapphires are the best and more affordable choice but of course there are the pricier and more sparkly yellow diamonds. From the soft pale lemon yellow to the intense canary yellow sapphire.

  • Yellow sapphires
  • Yellow diamonds


White stones are mainly white diamond and white diamonds are a sapphires best friends. A sparkly white diamond brings the colour of any sapphire out, its why something like a halo works so well. However there are more affordable options for white stones such as white sapphires.

  • White diamonds
  • White sapphires