The Jewellery Process

My process varies from client to client but there is one thing that remains the same, they're all designed by me and made by a super talented team of people in Hatton garden. I oversee the whole process throughout to check everything is perfect.

After we have been through my design process and you have signed off my technical drawing, I send it to my crafts people to be brought to life. It's the most exciting stage - the anticipation of seeing it in drawn form to being brought to life. Throughout the whole of this process I keep quiet, I never send photographs of the making process until you have seen it in real life.

Each of my pieces is made my hand by a super talented group of people in Hatton Garden. The process will vary piece to piece depending on the nature of the design but they are all made my hand. 

All settings are made by hand and crafted to fit the stones exactly. All diamonds above 0.40ct come with a GIA/ IGI certificate.

I manage the prodcution process from start to finish and make sure everything is perfect along the way. I pay particular attention to each and every detail, from the stones and metals down to the edges and little details you wouldn't even think to look at. It does mean my pieces are premium but it means they are well made and last.